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New AFEC accreditation in the United States

Boca Prep International School in Florida is the second school to be AFEC accredited in the United States. The assessment team including Olympian AFEC Assessors completed the virtual visit meeting and discussing the level of support provided to the student-athletes with the Head of School, Athletic Director, School Counsellor, IB Coordinator, and six student-athletes playing in different sport academies and studying at the school.

Founded in 1997, Boca Prep has been providing a student-centred, college preparatory, athletic friendly, International Baccalaureate education for students in preschool through 12th grade. The school was IB authorised in 2009 and became an IB World School in 2016, offering three programmes of the International Baccalaureate, as well as extra-curricular activities, community service, sports academies, and the performing arts that are all emphasized alongside the highest expectations for academic engagement and attainment. With over 50 countries represented in their student body, Boca Prep has developed a community with an international perspective.

Boca Prep is a well-structured and sport-oriented school. Along with various supportive initiatives, the school offers an academic timetable between 10:30am and 2:30pm enabling student-athletes undertake training before and after school. This timetable structure was highlighted as a reason for many student-athletes choosing Boca Prep International to grow both academically and athletically.

Riccardo Mazzetti OLY, Olympian AFEC Assessor from Italy, commented on the dedicated staff support:

“During the visit, the assessment team met with very committed and open-minded staff who are ready to support student-athletes for them to become successful in both academics and sports. Most of the staff have played sports either in high school or at a higher level and understand the challenges of balancing sport and education. The school delivers tailored support to enable each individual athlete to fulfil both aspirations without compromising either.

“Student-athletes whom we had the privilege to speak with are all convinced that Boca Prep International is the right choice for them to grow, because it is place where they can improve both academically and athletically.”

Rachael Nassiri, Head of Studies at Boca Prep International, reflected on the virtual accreditation visit and stated:

“The evaluation visit was a growth and reflection opportunity for us as a school. Going through and gathering the documents gave us a chance as a school to reflect specifically on what we do as a sport aligned school and how we can grow as well.

“It was a great pleasure to meet with the evaluating team and they offered professional athletes perspectives on our school and programmes. It was wonderful to get feedback from individuals that know the sports industry thoroughly and exactly what it takes to be a student-athlete pursuing a professional sports career.”

Congratulations to Boca Prep for becoming AFEC accredited and for showing excellent support to student-athletes. The WAoS team looks forward to seeing continued growth and sporting success at Boca Prep and to working with the school as an Athlete Friendly Education Centre.

15 June 2022

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New AFEC accreditation in the United States

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