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Moreton Bay College, Australia joins the AFEC Network

Moreton Bay College has recently completed a successful Athlete Friendly Education Centre (AFEC) accreditation process, joining a global network of 32 other like-minded schools supporting their student-athletes in achieving excellent results both academically and in their respective sports.

Moreton Bay College located in Brisbane inspires its students to be the best they can be. Their focus is on preparing students for tomorrow’s world by offering a varied and relevant curriculum and an enviable breadth of academic and co-curricular opportunities – allowing each student to fulfil their potential and become confident, courageous and compassionate citizens.

Consistently rated as one of Brisbane’s top-performing academic and sporting schools, the school has an unrivalled co-curricular sporting programme with many student-athletes current and past being national representatives across numerous sports.

Sue Pavish, Director of Sport at Moreton Bay College, commented on the AFEC accreditation process:

“We found the process to be very thorough, focused on the strengths of the organisation and was student-athlete focused, which aligns to our student-centred approach. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to identify and evaluate our curriculum, pastoral care, support structures and athlete development and to be able to formalise our programme.

“We feel the recommendations provided will allow the College to continue to focus on the best practice to achieve an outstanding student experience and outcomes. MBC is very excited to be able to work with WAoS and the opportunities and networks for athletes, staff and coaches provided by this partnership are exciting.”

Suzanne Grayson OLY, local Olympian AFEC Assessor from Australia, concluded with her thoughts of the school and the opportunities that will arise thanks to the AFEC accreditation:

“Moreton Bay College provides a learning environment that not only fosters excellence but offers a flexible, tailored, timetable that meets the needs of the students, school, and the community. The wholistic approach within a very passionate, supportive staff ensures each student has the opportunity to pursue their creative or sports pathways.

“The association with WAoS will provide the framework to enhance the benefits already in place at Moreton Bay College and offer further opportunities to support the students’ sporting ambitions and share knowledge between staff internationally.”

The WAoS team congratulates Moreton Bay College for their successful AFEC accreditation. This new addition to the AFEC network will tremendously help both the school and the network, as schools continually learn from each other through best practice case studies and network catch ups. WAoS looks forward to seeing Moreton Bay College grow as an AFEC school!

11 October 2022

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